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A Word from Writers of daily reminders & TEAM IR

Assalamu aleykum warahmatu Allah wabarakatuh
Alhamdulillah, we were able to make the best out of this Ramadan.
Let’s thank Allah for it.
All the work we did was for Allah’s sake and all was from Allah’s help.
We didn’t do anything by our own selves; it was Allah’s hand of help.
We thank you all for the cooperation. We love you all for Allah’s sake.
We urge everyone before exiting the group to kindly Help us by filling this *ASSESSMENT SURVEY FORM*:
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Fill in the above👆🏻 Form and get in touch with us.
The *references* of all our authentic work came from the following:
Reference list in our website:
– Hisnul Muslim
– Knowledge that we acquired and benefitted from as students of knowledge
_May we be able to share and practice what we learned during this course throughout our lives._
These are the changes that we need to make as *RESOLUTIONS* in our lives.
We hope you benefitted through this beautiful course! Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah!
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Till then
See ya 👋🏻till next Ramadhan bi’idnillah!
Alhamdulillah lladhy bine’matihi tatimmu salihat.
We end our Ramadan Daily Reminders course by:
Subhaanaka Allahuma wabihamdika ashhadu an laa illaha illa anta astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayka.
Shukran wajazakumillah khairan.
Smile; it’s sunnah!
Fee amanillah till next Ramadan bi’idhnillah! 👋🏼
Assalamu Aleykum warahmatu Allah wabarakatuh
Baaraka Allah feekum.
_BM ~ S. Ansari ~ Sharifah Z._

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