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What is the Purpose of My Life?


Humans are intellectual beings who have always moved towards progress and development. Yet, these very humans are dumbfounded when it comes to solving the theory of their own existence. Some are perplexed by the existential crisis, while others completely ignore it. It is quite evident that science has also not answered this philosophical question.

This leaves only one source … Continue Reading

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Atheism – Its History and Causes

Atheism comes from the root “a”, a Greek prefix, meaning “without”, and “theos”, meaning “God”. Together, it means “without gods”. This term was originally used to label those who were thought to be impious, or in debates between early Christians and Hellenists, where each side used it to label the other in a bad way. In short, it … Continue Reading

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The Need and Importance of Religion in Our Lives

We live in a time where, besides the monotheists and polytheists, there is an equal number of people who ask “why do we need religion?” This article is written with the best efforts to answer this question.

To Understand the Purpose of Life

Allah ﷻ clearly states in the Qur’an,

“I did not create jinn and humans except

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Atheism and Agnosticism: Against Fitrah?

The term ‘fitrah’ can be defined as the pristine nature within human beings that leads them to acknowledge the truth of Allah’s ﷻ existence and follow His guidance. Allah ﷻ has gifted us with this innate belief and has engraved it within our souls. If a person happens to turn away from guidance, they would still possess this innate characteristic … Continue Reading

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The Role of Islam in the Mental Health of Freed Slaves

Throughout history, slavery was spoken about negatively due to its detrimental effects on those serving as slaves. With the coming of Islam, the emancipation of slaves was promoted, and gradually afterwards, the cry for democracy rang throughout the world. Many people rejoiced after gaining independence and leaving the clutches of their oppressors. However, different forms of slavery are still present, … Continue Reading