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Contribution of Muslims towards Psychology and the Role of Islam in Managing Mental Illness

Contribution of Muslims towards Psychology

While mental illness was acknowledged by the Prophet ﷺ during his time, it was considered taboo in many societies. Many people attributed it to attaining the wrath or displeasure of Allah ﷻ, jinn possession and magic, neglecting the possibility of an actual problem of the mind. This mentality, however, is slowly changing. More people have … Continue Reading

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Pandemic in the Light of Islam

It is an undeniable truth that Islam is not merely a religion, but a comprehensive way of life. It has rules and guidelines that encompass every aspect of human life – social, economic, interpersonal, educational, and many more – for a happy, successful and balanced living ever since it was first spread fourteen hundred years ago in the lands of … Continue Reading

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Is Islam Really an Outdated Religion?

“Modernisation is the current term for an old process-the process of social change whereby less developed societies acquire characteristics common to more developed societies.” -Daniel Lerner

According to this definition by an American scholar, modernisation aims to achieve a better life, which is one of the goals of Islam, too. When it comes to a ‘better’ life, from improved provisions for … Continue Reading

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Islam – A 360̊ Perspective

Most people consider religion to be between God and the “spiritual self.” However, Islam is a religion that goes beyond this. It provides guidelines for every walk of life. It stipulates the rights of people, their duties to one another and how they should go about on a day-to-day basis, and emphasizes the role of an individual in the community … Continue Reading

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9 Reasons Why Islamic Education is Important

Education plays a crucial role in a person’s life, and good quality education has a major role in character-building and the overall personality development of a child.

Societies are made up of individuals, and their education reflects on society and its issues. Well-educated individuals bring positivity, pragmatic approaches to handle serious situations, harmony, and peace. They build a positive society … Continue Reading