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Intermingling with Cousins

In a lot of cultures and traditional practices, the issue of mixing and mingling of sexes is prevalent. It is more so observed at family get-togethers and weddings. Many people are brought up in the joint family system, where children grow up around their cousins. Therefore, it so happens that they naturally get closer and comfortable. But as they age … Continue Reading

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Treatment of Slaves According to Islamic Guidelines

The widely acknowledged and immoral form of slavery that was prevalent in the earlier societies is appalling. Islam, on the contrary, took a strong stance against such practices and changed the manner of enslavement and slave treatment.

Slaves in Islam are treated with kindness and compassion. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said,

“They are your brothers whom Allah has put

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Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Predictions on Climate Change

While most of us do not pay much heed to vague terms like “climate change” in an era where nobody has sufficient time, the likelihood of our planet being on the verge of completely collapsing to ashes should at least grasp our attention, if not our intellect.

However, it should be enough to state that, being Muslims, it is our … Continue Reading

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Fiqh of Hand Sanitizers

With the world panicking about the new, mysterious virus taking charge and restricting everyone’s mobility, several precautionary measures were circulated to prevent people from becoming its victim, one of which was the use of hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizer is a gel-like substance applied to the hands to disinfect them. They are mostly recommended for use in two scenarios:

  1. when water
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