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Al-Intikās- Relapsing in Faith: Br. Imtiaz Ahmed

Mar 16, 2019
The problem of relapsing in faith, whether due to weak commitment or ideological reasons, is a phenomenon that has existed throughout time in all faiths and traditions. Sadly, this is also a reality for Muslims as well. Hence, we find in the Qur’ān a number of places where Allāh (subhānahu wa ta’ālā) warns the believers from falling into such circumstances. The unfortunate reality that we find ourselves in is that many amongst the ‘practicing’ community often feel safe with their state of religion and feel secured that misguidance will never approach and overwhelm them. This is a very dangerous situation to be in since it indicates that the person relies solely on his own abilities and competence to remain upon guidance whereas in reality it lies in the hands of Allāh (subhānahu wa ta’ālā).

The Bleeding Ignorance- A Talk on Haydh & Nifas by Hiba Mohideen

Feb 23, 2019
This lecture reviews why it is important for girls and women to know about the aspects of haydh and the rulings regarding it. The topics explored are: – Types of impurities – Identifying period blood – Menses: start and end – Rulings and misconceptions – Wudoo and ghusl – Types of discharges – General hygiene A topic that is part of the life of a woman and it is a requirement for her to have the right knowledge regarding it.

The Common Tajweed Mistakes in Quran Recitation and Its Solutions by Ustada Gehad

Feb 16, 2019

Effective Academic Crash Course

Dec 22, 2018
Well, It’s *Assignment rush season* and TEAM IR has your back! We are hosting a live session by Sister Yasmin Toor, expertise in Research and Academic Writing, on Effective Academic Writing Crash Course this Saturday, 22nd Dec 2018. Hear her words: “In this session you’ll learn how to effectively write an academic essay, assignment, article or research/review paper, how academic writing is different from other kinds of writing, the dos and don’ts as well as how to properly reference your sources.”

Modern Day Issues Faced by Youth

Oct 14, 2018
Youth is the future of the Ummah. Unfortunately, we find today’s youth conflicted. They are drifting away from Islam. Parents often complain about an inability to manage their teens and keep them on the right path. So, is youth the only side at fault? How can adults change them? What can young people themselves do to get over the confusion and conflicts faced by them? A discussion about the current state of the youth of the ummah, their role and what it means to be a modern Muslim and how to cope with it all.

How to Memorize Quran & How to Overcome Challenges in Quran Learning

Sep 15, 2018
The Challenges faced when Memorising and Learning Quraan and tips on how to overcome these challenges.

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