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Sunnah & 'Uloomul Hadeeth Program (Level 1-7)

Course Name: Hadeeth Terminologies & Sciences 101 & Hadeeth Literature 102

Instructor’s Name: Sr. Amatullah B.M.

Founder & President Islamic Reflections Website

Graduate at International University of Africa,B.A. in Islamic Studies (Majored in Sunnah & ‘Uloomul Hadeeth)

Affordable Price: 3 U.S dollars each week.

Two sessions per week and each session is a period of 1 hour & 30 mins.

Get enlightened on the field of Hadeeth. Many focus on Quraan, which is good, but that doesn’t give us an option to neglect Hadeeth.
It’s a course that will enlighten you on a deeper level with regards to this beautiful field which many claim its difficulty.
I am here to make it simple for you yet still gaining the same knowledge and wisdom that any student would have.

Learn, Reflect & Apply!

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Sr. Amatullah B.M

Classes commencing on 1st September In shaa Allah! Apply NOW!

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