About Us


We are a dedicated, all-sisters team working round the clock to provide quality Islamic content.

We are superheroes – educated homemakers from different walks of life sharing the same passion for Islam.
To know more about each of our valued IR board members, scroll down below.


Our mission is to bring our readers everything ISLAM under one hood – for all ages.
We strive for excellence in our content and work meticulously to ensure that only authentic information and knowledge goes on our platforms.
We strive for a religious education, free of falsehood, so the truth can prevail, by offering a variety of resources ranging from stories to poems, illustrative educational art, academy as well as a digital bookshelf for minds of all types and all ages.


To make a humble contribution towards the understanding of authentic Islam, to bring Islam into the household of our readers and to make them enjoy reading quality content while gaining valuable pearls of wisdom.


Sr. Amatullah B.M.


As a visionary president and founder of Islamic Reflections, Amatullah channels a nurturing presence, akin to a maternal figure guiding Islamic Reflections. From its inception, she single-handedly nurtured its growth, fostering sisterly bonds that empowered it to soar freely.

An impassioned IT enthusiast, a proficient creator of motivational quotes, and a published author and editor, Amatullah’s central aim is to share knowledge and establish a legacy. Alongside her role as a lecturer with over 10 years of teaching experience in the field of Inheritance law, Fiqh-ul Ibaadat & Sunnah, she actively contributes to fostering positivity in a world hungry for it. 

Armed with a B.A. in Islamic Studies (specializing in Sunnah and ‘Uloomul Hadeeth) from IUA, an A.Ed from IOU, CCA, and a C.Ed from Harvard, and ongoing pursuit of a B. A in Education (English Literature), she remains steadfast in her diverse endeavours.

Connect directly to Amatullah B.M.’s Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/amatullah_bm/


Sr. Umm Maryam


Full-time mom, part-time student and part-time middle school English teacher with a sweet tooth, Umm Maryam has many proverbial feathers in her hijab.

With her expertise in managing work-study-life, her headstrong attitude makes her the ideal leader for the CEO position. She is also a kids’ story writer at Islamic Reflections.

Umm Maryam has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies at IOU.

Sr. Yasmin Toor


Yasmin Toor is a Gold Medalist, qualified research consultant and trainer with an M.Phil in Botanical Sciences and an M.A in Islamic Studies.

Her research interests include natural healing, medicinal plants, prophetic medicine and contemporary religious issues. She speaks 5 languages and is learning more to add to the list.

Given her wide array of qualifications, she’s the brainstormer of the team and provides invaluable insights that help IR’s growth.



A voracious reader and learner, ZSA loves to organise events and is always on the lookout to pick up new skills, with a special enthusiasm for languages.

With her passion for writing and a sharp eye for scrunity, she strives to perfect the IR posts and make a positive change, bidhnillah.
At present, ZSA is the Supervisor of the Editorial Department at Islamic Reflections.

Sr. Nazmun Ashifa


Student by day and teacher by night, Nazmun views the world with an optimistic outlook. Having completed her Bachelors in Education at IOU, she aspires to serve the Ummah by spreading Islam.

Her passion is reflected in her professional and virtual life where she designs content aimed at educating children in a fun and Islamic way.

Social media and video editing are two of her strengths that she employs to integrate modern methods to put across an Islamic message.

She is also the COO  and Community Service Coordinator at Islamic Reflections.

        Sr. Shafia Jameel


A budding psychologist, Shafia Jameel cannot wait to graduate to make her mark as she focuses on her goals – to raise awareness on proper parenting and suicide prevention. She has worked as a medical transcriptionist and loves learning the Korean and Japanese languages.

Being a millennial, IT skills come easily to her and she can navigate her way around any website whilst her new-found interest into the business field has been flourished with IR’s Bookshelf.

At Islamic Reflections, Shafia is a prominent writer and publisher while also heading the bookshelf department.