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HAJJ – The Fifth Pillar of Islam

As-salamu alaykum
Dear Kids,
Today, we will be learning more about Hajj, the last pillar of Islam, In Shaa Allah.

It is an act of Ibadah which all Muslims long and yearn to perform. Can you believe that some Muslims spend their entire lives preparing for this beautiful journey!
Hajj teaches us values such as unity and equality which are … Continue Reading

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The Complete Collection for Your Child’s First Library

In a very engaging and simple Islamic manner, the themes present in all the following books will support parents in nurturing Eemaan in their kids.

The bonuses are the attractive pictures and the touch-and-feel elements in some of these books that will help kids understand the Deen in a fun and enjoyable way.

The ABC of Allah Loves Me

This … Continue Reading

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Fasting – the fourth pillar of Islam

Dear kids, this time we will learn about fasting in Ramadan-the fourth pillar of Islam.

Every child who fasted even one day of Ramadan or few hours of Ramadan has felt the happiness and joy of the Iftar, the gathering of families, prayers with friends, all the tasty food and many other things we experience just in Ramadan. Let us … Continue Reading