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The third pillar of Islam: Zakah

Omar ibn Abdul-Aziz  (May Allah be pleased with him) was a righteous Khalifa. It is said that during  his time, people would give Zakah and he would distribute it so fair and just that the workers would return to him and say, “O Commander of the Believers, there is no poor person left in the Muslim land.”

Nobody likes to see a poor person; we get sad because sometimes we just can’t help them. Maybe kids do not have huge amounts of money to share, but they do have big hearts full of compassion, and smiles to share with everyone. The Prophet ﷺ said: Protect yourself  from the Hellfire even with half a date in charity, and if he cannot find it, then with a kind word.”  [Sahih Bukhari]

 This time learn about Zakah with us, the third pillar of Islam. Know more about charity and sharing by watching these four videos:

  1. This video teaches kids about Zakah and how much should be given. Join us at ISLAM WITH ALINS, episode 11, which is all about Zakah.
  2. The second is about how Allah ﷻ gives us much more when we give charity. Click HERE to watch “The Story of the Fisherman” by Zaky.
  3. The third video we chose for you, is a Zakah story written by Elizabeth Lymer fowatch, titled “HAY TO GIVE AWAY”.
  4. And the last video is for the little ones who love Baba Ali, which is all about sharing, an important lesson all kids need to know. Click HERE to watch it.

Written by: Amina Besic

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