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Voices Behind Qira’aat

The Sunnah of Qira’aat

Just as a woman adorns herself with jewellery, the Qur’an is adorned by its recitation. The Qur’an that began with the very command to “read” is now being recited by countless Muslims every second. This is not just a simple practice of recitation, but it is one of the Qur’anic sciences by itself, known as Qira’aatContinue Reading

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The Compilation and Preservation of the Final Revelation

The Noble Qur’an

The Noble Qur’an has a special place in our heart, because it is a divine guidance to bring us out of the darkness of ignorance into the light of righteousness. Allah ﷻ promises Adam (peace be upon him) and his descendants in the Qur’an that He will surely keep sending guidance,

“…Go down from it, all of

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The Overlap Between Religion, Culture, and Mental Health

Mental health issues are often confused or overlapped with aspects of religion and culture. Although this overlap can be beneficial at times, it just leads to misunderstanding and confusion in most cases. While the Qur’an and Sunnah highlight the importance of mental health, considering psychology and religion go hand in hand, it is often swayed by the influence of culture. … Continue Reading

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How to deal with in-laws living with you and making your life difficult?


How to deal with in-laws living with you and making your life difficult?


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Marriage is life-changing, and it requires a lot of adjustment and change in behavior in both spouses. To have a successful marriage, it is very important to have a strong bond with the spouse. This means understanding each other’s … Continue Reading

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Myths and Etiquettes Towards the Qur’an


One of the beautiful names of the Qur’an is Al Furqaan, meaning “the criterion” or “the distinguisher” (of right from wrong). Yet, many of us fail to understand the right mannerisms needed with the Qur’an. Many show their affection for the Qur’an by showering it with unsolicited kisses, but they don’t adopt true love by following its given … Continue Reading

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Jahiliya Practices and The Prophesied Lingering Traits

The Arabs of the Jahiliya lived in the Arabian Peninsula after the destruction of the Ma’arib dam in Saba around 300 A.D. The period between their existence and the advent of Islam is approximately 310 years. Evil and immorality prevailed in their society. When Islam came, it corrected their practices and beautified their culture. [Hanapi, 2013]

Islam gradually transitioned Arabs … Continue Reading