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Islam and Convenience

As human beings, we are driven by our expectations, desires, and goals. Most often, these are governed by one common factor: convenience. We are well acquainted with the term “convenience”, which means “suitable for your purposes and needs and causing the least difficulty”. We tend to base our decisions on the easiest or least difficult options based on our desires.

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“Such lovely weather!
Lemme take a good picture.”
“Hey, can you stop your banter?
Huh, you don’t even bother!”
“I’ll take a picture of your glower
And post it on Gram and Twitter!
What a sensational meme face!
Dear sisso, I look forward to your fame!”
“Hahaha!” the sisters chuckled,
Keeping the atmosphere amicable.
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Islamic Hijab vs Contemporary Hijab

Islam has given women’s affairs unmatched consideration to preserve their chastity, uphold their honour, and secure their position in social life. Islamic teachings command Muslim women to cover themselves with a hijab and warn them against displaying their beauty and adornments. Allah ﷻ addresses the believing women in the Qur’an, saying,

“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters

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