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“Such lovely weather!
Lemme take a good picture.”
“Hey, can you stop your banter?
Huh, you don’t even bother!”
“I’ll take a picture of your glower
And post it on Gram and Twitter!
What a sensational meme face!
Dear sisso, I look forward to your fame!”
“Hahaha!” the sisters chuckled,
Keeping the atmosphere amicable.
“I saw the meme on Ryan’s … Continue Reading

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Islamic Hijab vs Contemporary Hijab

Islam has given women’s affairs unmatched consideration to preserve their chastity, uphold their honour, and secure their position in social life. Islamic teachings command Muslim women to cover themselves with a hijab and warn them against displaying their beauty and adornments. Allah ﷻ addresses the believing women in the Qur’an, saying,

“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters

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Facts About Ramadan


Ramadan is the blessed month of the Islamic calendar that every Muslim awaits. When the crescent moon is sighted, Muslims all around the world prepare to fast the coming month and gear up to reap its blessings. Fasting in this month is obligatory for every mature, sane Muslim according to the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the Ijma’ (consensus) of … Continue Reading

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The Fundamentals of Seeking Ilm

Introduction to Seeking Knowledge

Nowadays, knowledge has become easily accessible, especially since the boom of the internet. Knowledge of Islam has become easy to get, too. But with such ease of access and abundance of information, one can easily fall into the trap of Shaitan when seeking ilm of the deen.

So, what must a sincere knowledge-seeker do? What … Continue Reading

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The Online Hack to Seeking Islamic Knowledge

The Search Engine Dilemma!

Knowledge is boosted on the internet like an adrenaline rush. As a result, pursuing the knowledge of deen has become so much quicker and easier―and so much more troublesome too!

Seekers of knowledge could benefit from the excellent range of authentic Islamic courses and degrees available online. However, many of them are drawn towards the quick … Continue Reading