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“Such lovely weather!
Lemme take a good picture.”
“Hey, can you stop your banter?
Huh, you don’t even bother!”
“I’ll take a picture of your glower
And post it on Gram and Twitter!
What a sensational meme face!
Dear sisso, I look forward to your fame!”
“Hahaha!” the sisters chuckled,
Keeping the atmosphere amicable.
“I saw the meme on Ryan’s body fat;
Poor boy! He must have felt bad.”
“What’s there to get hurt
When it’s all about fun?
People should take these things sportively;
Otherwise, lead a life humourlessly!”
Wearing their veils,
Out they went,
Narrating tales
Of their mates.
“I heard a Muslim brother saying,
‘The beard appears terrorising!’
He then went on laughing,
Saying he was just joking.”
“Some Muslims often label
Young practising girls
As ‘old holy women’,
Hurting their emotions.”
They reached their madrasah
And listened attentively to the lecture;
The topic of the day hit their hearts,
Giving them goosebumps from the start.
“We shouldn’t joke about our religion,
Including the hijab and the beard,
Be it in words or in memes,”
The teacher mentioned in his speech.
“Joking about someone’s figure
For the sake of mere laughter?
Don’t we all remember
A Muslim always honours his brother?”
“Stop this dangerous meme culture,
Not sparing even God from the picture!
It’s time to be greatly cautious, dear brethren,
Some words can unknowingly take us to the fire of Hell!”
“Woe to the one who lies
For the sake of laughter and smiles,
Our dearest Prophet cried.
How happily this we defy!”
“This world considers this something to be proud of―
To shun seriousness and to laugh out loud.
Contrarily, the Prophet told us
That too much laughter kills the heart.”
“The Prophet would also laugh and joke;
Even in jest, truthful words he spoke.
The sahaba would also have fun
But within the limits set by their Rabb.”
“A man of intelligence is identified
By the words of wisdom he verbalises;
Umar ibn Al-Khattab aptly said
That excessive joking takes away respect.”
“Oh brethren, it’s my earnest request―
Give up lying, even in jest;
Strive for the house in the middle of Jannah,
As promised by the Prophet of Allah.”
The lecture mesmerised
The sisters who realised
That the norm wasn’t to be normalised,
And a change had to be internalised.
“My dearest sisso,
You can now take a chill pill.
I won’t post your photo,
Let’s bring a change positive!”

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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  1. Barakallahu feekum.. very beautifully framed. These types of messages are toh b forwarded more n more than the unnecessary memes.. May Allah guide us all.. Ameen

Jazaakumullah Khairan! Thank You! We appreciate your efforts to leave us a comment :)