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Prophetic Da’wah

’Tis the story of a prophet
One of firm resolve.
The example of his da’wah,
And his obstinate people.

Close to a thousand years, he
Lived and preached among them.
Every waking hour he spent,
Warning and calling on them.

The Prophet Nuh,
A precedent for du’aat.
His message was crystal clear,
And his perseverance unmatched.

He called to monotheism,
And to fear the Most Magnificent;
To obey Him in his teachings,
And to constantly repent.

He called his people by every way;
By way of warning
Of punishment, and
By way of encouragement.

He called them openly and privately,
He called them night and day.
In hope of their acceptance,
But all they did was disobey.

The radiant sun and moon,
And how the heavens were fashioned.
He urged them to contemplate
The human stages of creation.

How merciful is Allah!
His bounties know no end.
Yet their ingratitude and rejection,
Continued to swell.

For they were evil doers,
Blinded and misguided.
From the purity of tauheed
They had, far away, strayed.

They stuck their fingers in their ears,
Engulfed by their pride
And hid behind their garments,
When Nuh (a.s.) preached.

Much like the Quraish,
In their rejection so outspoken.
Called their prophet retarded,
Threatened to stone him even!

But, hoping for Allah’s pleasure,
He kept at it for years.
At the end of which, there only
Were a handful of believers.

His son was not blessed,
To be among those saved.
A towering mountain couldn’t
Save him from the waves.

For against Allah’s decree,
None can be of aid.
Not even a prophet,
For the sake of his begotten.

And yet, this story was revealed
To our Prophet ﷺ, as a solace.
Because guidance is upon Allah,
Upon us is just conveyance

To all du’aat out there:
We must not lose heart.
Our reward is upon Allah,
Once we’ve done our part.


Written by: Hafsa Shaikh
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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