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The Fundamentals of Seeking Ilm

Introduction to Seeking Knowledge

Nowadays, knowledge has become easily accessible, especially since the boom of the internet. Knowledge of Islam has become easy to get, too. But with such ease of access and abundance of information, one can easily fall into the trap of Shaitan when seeking ilm of the deen.

So, what must a sincere knowledge-seeker do? What … Continue Reading

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The Online Hack to Seeking Islamic Knowledge

The Search Engine Dilemma!

Knowledge is boosted on the internet like an adrenaline rush. As a result, pursuing the knowledge of deen has become so much quicker and easier―and so much more troublesome too!

Seekers of knowledge could benefit from the excellent range of authentic Islamic courses and degrees available online. However, many of them are drawn towards the quick … Continue Reading

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Emotional Health

Assalamu’alaikum, Children!

We all know the importance Islam places on mental and emotional health. They are amongst Allah’s ﷻ greatest blessings.

Let’s learn some practices to help us manage our emotions in an Islamic manner. 

Click here to download the worksheet!

Click here to download the answer key!

Written by: Raifa
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