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Keys to a Blessed Land

After centuries of Roman oppression,
The air of Al-Aqsa finally hinted at end of occupation!
The smell of freedom could be felt,
The flag of Islam was soon to be held.
Allahu Akbar! The promise of Ash-Sham got fulfilled.
Under the Caliphate of Umar (RA), Masjid Al-Aqsa will now rebuild.

The bishops conditioned that before taking charge of the city,… Continue Reading

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 The two Qiblahs

Assalamu alaikum, Children!

Qiblah is the direction we turn to to pray to Allah ﷻ. Earlier, we had a different Qiblah, and today a different one. Allah ﷻ had commanded Prophet Muhammed ﷺ to change his direction of praying in 2AH/624 CE. Let us learn about these two Qiblahs by completing this interesting worksheet.

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