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Ilmspired English Review – Innovative Educational App for Muslim Kids

With a generation of kids having access to gadgets and most often than not having a terribly hard time getting something beneficial to keep them entertained, what I did come across recently as a Muslim parent, really brightened up my day (and my kids’) – The Ilmspired app!

The reason for my joy lay in the way Ilmspired was designed; … Continue Reading

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Pandemic in the Light of Islam

It is an undeniable truth that Islam is not merely a religion, but a comprehensive way of life. It has rules and guidelines that encompass every aspect of human life – social, economic, interpersonal, educational, and many more – for a happy, successful and balanced living ever since it was first spread fourteen hundred years ago in the lands of … Continue Reading

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Need an update?

1400 years ago, a man rose to call
Upon the path of salvation for all;
A way of life taught so long ago,
Does it apply now, I wonder though?

An outdated version, they say;
Unsuitable, orthodox, inappropriate.
Brought by an unlettered man,
It surely needs a modernistic update.

Let’s start with a trivial act
Of washing hands and staying … Continue Reading

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Is Islam Really an Outdated Religion?

“Modernisation is the current term for an old process-the process of social change whereby less developed societies acquire characteristics common to more developed societies.” -Daniel Lerner

According to this definition by an American scholar, modernisation aims to achieve a better life, which is one of the goals of Islam, too. When it comes to a ‘better’ life, from improved provisions for … Continue Reading