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Your Time and His ﷺ Time! Slavery – the Reality!

Slavery, a word that sounds so derogatory in itself,
Forget about the indignity of those who are into this compelled! 
All of their human rights get trampled over,
As they get abducted by human traffickers who work under-cover.
The lives of young girls are turned into a living hell,
As they are made to become slaves in brothels!

The innocence … Continue Reading

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Dealing with Prisoners of War

The ground billowed dust and smoke,
The men charged, the swords rose,
The clamorous sound resounded;
The enemy was defeated.

The captives, when summoned,
Dreading their fates, they entered
Into the presence of Rahmatul-lil-‘Aalameen,
Whose rulings brought them ease.

From his companions, he demanded
That prisoners be well-treated;
To his army, he commanded
To not harm the elderly, woman, and … Continue Reading

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The Brink

The Earth is a place for all living beings,
Created by the Ahsanul Khaliqeen;
A balanced ecosystem to coexist in harmony,
In waters, deserts, and lush greens.

The noblest of all creatures – mankind,
With a whole bunch of messed-up priorities;
Hoarding all the wealth he can find,
Devours the Earth with greed and treachery.

Invading forests like a … Continue Reading