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Islam and Interfaith Relations

A hot topic invites many questions
Filled all the headlines in this nation
“The interfaith marriage legalizing”
“The Ministry and Islamic Rules”
The keywords,
Takes over all the attention.
Voices of dissatisfaction,
Cheers of complementation.
The war of minds
is about to begin.

This is;
The country with the biggest Muslim population.
The country with Islam as the first foundation.
But then, welcome to reality;
Where Islam is alienated in the hands of Muslims.
The Muslims who stand at the forefront
with the loud, loudest voice.
For the sake of human rights, they say.

How do you dare?
Permitting, and approving
things that are clearly stated as haram!
How can you be that shameless?
Supporting and defending
propaganda that contradicts your religion!

Based on love between others?
There is no love for humans that keeps you away;
from Allah the Creator.
Human rights?
You are violating Allah’s Right to be obeyed.
You can be friends, exchange greetings,
share stories, and laughter,
with those of different religions.
But, say no!
If they make you neglect the guidelines of the Qur’an,
if they make you ignore the sunnah.
Stay away from them!
If they start to make you abandon Islam.

Islam teaches how to love,
without breaking the rules.
Islam advocates marriage,
Without endangering religion,
without stifling one’s religion.

there will be no happiness,
for anyone who intends to start good things with bad,
for anyone who legalizes what Allah and the Messenger forbid.
Let’s get up!
Our religion is being stepped on, and we are silent?

Written by: Salsabila Abdul Aziz
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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