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Looking Back…

Let’s close our eyes
And delve into the medieval times,
Where deen and dunya together flourished,
Where progression in every field was acknowledged.

Let’s delve into the Islamic Golden Age,
Where Muslims set the ball rolling,
In almost every field progressing,
Where the hunger for inventions always raged.

Do you see Al-Zahrawi –
The Father of Surgery?
Is he busy … Continue Reading

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Halaal Parenting Ingredients

A tablespoon of kindness,
A teaspoon of sternness,
Rightly blended,
Makes a good parent.

An ounce of proper communication,
A cup of proper understanding,
Seen between the Prophets Yaqub عليه السلام and Yusuf عليه السلام,
Results in laying the foundation
Of a friendship everlasting.

A ladle of love and care,
With a mote spoon of advice,
Given by Prophet Ibraheem … Continue Reading