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Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Look what just happened!
Something’s been hampered
In a few seconds!

Nothing’s unusual in this,
It’s the norm currently
To sever ties of kinship
For issues so worldly!

None can be free of blame, I admit,
But petty issues can surely be dismissed;
Instead, a tumult is created,
Ties, all the more, are weakened!

Often do … Continue Reading

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The Return

In the dark of the night,
The young girl sat down
Alone, lonely, and secluded.
She was kneeling, bowing her head.
Strings of words spoken, softly,
“Allah, I am tired,
I am desperate,
I am stuck,
Feeling despicable, and sinful.”
She cried, sobbing.
Her gaze was diverted to the thing in front of her.
A book.
Clean and well maintained.… Continue Reading

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“Such lovely weather!
Lemme take a good picture.”
“Hey, can you stop your banter?
Huh, you don’t even bother!”
“I’ll take a picture of your glower
And post it on Gram and Twitter!
What a sensational meme face!
Dear sisso, I look forward to your fame!”
“Hahaha!” the sisters chuckled,
Keeping the atmosphere amicable.
“I saw the meme on Ryan’s … Continue Reading

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Can the Track Be Found Again?

A bright and cheery lady
Led her life happily
By practising her deen religiously,
Trying to please her Lord meticulously.

She could be seen volunteering regularly
And conducting workshops occasionally;
While attending Islamic classes punctually,
She stood out in academics excellently.

“I want to become a doctor,” she declared,
“To become an asset for this ummah,” she cleared,
Thus … Continue Reading