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Can the Track Be Found Again?

A bright and cheery lady
Led her life happily
By practising her deen religiously,
Trying to please her Lord meticulously.

She could be seen volunteering regularly
And conducting workshops occasionally;
While attending Islamic classes punctually,
She stood out in academics excellently.

“I want to become a doctor,” she declared,
“To become an asset for this ummah,” she cleared,
Thus … Continue Reading

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What Is Sincerity?

“The religion is sincerity,”

Thrice repeated

Our beloved Prophet

To his companions dearest,

Who, with attention, listened.

They enquired, “To whom?”

“To Allah and His Book,

To His Messenger and the leaders,

And to their common Muslim brothers.”

This was the Prophet’s answer.

What does sincerity towards Allah mean?

It is to affirm that He is the One and Only,… Continue Reading

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Secular Education–Yes or No?

My Dearest Teacher,
This little creature
Requests you to shed light
On something that needs insight.

“Do we only acquire Islamic teachings
And shun secular education?”
This question is causing confusion,
And I seek its answer in desperation.

My Dear Child,
I acknowledge your question,
By Allah’s leave, I’ll try to guide,
Just listen with full attention.

Iqra’, … Continue Reading

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Islamic Banks or Conventional Banks? Choose Wisely!

The year 2008: A great blow hit the global economy
Due to faulty policies and mismanagement in the financial industry;
Millions got unemployed, and the banking sectors almost collapsed,
A rise in the hunger index was also one of its disastrous impacts,
The price of commodities went high, forcing people to come to the streets,
As every common man struggled … Continue Reading

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Feminism, Islam, Or Both?

In the college’s cafeteria,
Lingered coffee’s aroma;
Mouths blabbered continuously,
While munching on snacks enjoyably.

A bunch of friends conversed
On feminism and women empowerment;
Only one of them seemed averse
As she pondered on their excitement.

“We’ve got equal rights now,” one said,
“We’re suppressing patriarchy,” the other stated;
“We can now live freely, that’s so true,
On our … Continue Reading