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The Phone Call

The phone rang; I received the call.
It was early morning―felt something was wrong.
Perhaps the news of somebody’s death!
On the call was a friend, narrating her ordeal at length.
It was indeed the news of a death―In her brother, imaan had just taken its last breath!

In the Almighty, he’d openly declared his rejection.
It was still difficult for me to understand the situation.
What had caused this sudden repulsion
That he’d committed kufr without any hesitation!
He’d been quite interested in learning about Islam,
So what just happened that’d made him lose his imaan?

She narrated his interest in the lectures of some personalities:
More than authenticity, he preferred popularity,
Thus slowly increasing in dubiety!
To seek knowledge, he read random articles with hope,
Only to fall into the trap of Islamophobes!
Those articles are designed to create doubts and confusion
To repel the Muslim youth from their religion.

His doubts about Islam kept increasing,
Frustration and anger were slowly building,
Suggestions to follow authentic resources were detested,
“Those are too old school!” He abhorrently commented.
Unable to find answers, he went into depression;
Finally went to a friend for some clarification.

This friend associated every wrong with sihr;
Unknowingly causing his Imaan to slowly disappear!
Now he only had misrepresentation and enmity;
Thought he was following a religion that had no rationality!
Slowly and steadily, it was almost the last breath of his imaan;

Finally, he joined the group of ex-Muslims who had forsaken Islam!

Oh, what a terrible phone call it was!
Made me ponder on the whole cause!
It’s extremely important to get knowledge with authenticity,
As the army of devils is on foot to cause our depravity!
Never let your doubts overtake your imaan!
Check your sources before you misinterpret Islam!

Written by: Yusra Mohiuddin
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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