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Are These Bid’ah?

A concoction of rights and wrongs,
That’s what I see around;
So here I pen some common innovations,
Which are considered to be religious actions.

In gatherings they sing songs,
Praising the Prophet for hours long;
Leaving aside the better option
Of sending upon the Prophet salutations.

Recitation of a certain surah,
Like Al-Yaaseen and Al-Jumu’ah,
On Fridays specifically,
Goes … Continue Reading

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How the Standard Copy of the Qur’an Came Into Existence

The Qur’an which in your hands you hold,
The Qur’an which to your heart is so close,
The words which are more precious than gold;
Ever wondered how it became a book from scrolls?

In the Battle of Yamaamah,
Killed were many of the sahaabah;
Among them were many huffaaz,
Who died with Qur’an in their hearts.

It happened during … Continue Reading

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Wedding Bells!

I see two souls who have never met,
Or they did meet, let’s perceive;
Multiple back-and-forth journeys later,
It’s decided their match shall appease.

Wait! There remains the sunnah of istikhara
To be done by the couple in question;
Oh, but I see a local imaam is being asked
To do the special prayer seeking Allah’s consent!

‘Red and black … Continue Reading