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A Spiteful Nation

In the city of Sodom resided a nation,
Plunged in lewdness, evil, and crime,
Who cast aside their obligation
To Allah, the Almighty, the Most High.

To steer them back to righteousness,
To remind them of the Approaching Day,
Allah sent to them Prophet Lut,
But all they did was disobey.

He implored them to turn in repentance,
He called unto them day and night
To give up on their shameful deeds,
But they persisted and didn’t abide.

Men turned to men in desire,
Over women they preferred men;
They paid no heed to the hellfire,
Gratified the passion within.

Despite all his calls and cries,
Undeterred by Lut’s warnings,
With their sins they continued;
Now the wrath of Allah was nearing.

The angels had descended
To wreck the city of Sodom,
To fulfil what Allah had decreed,
A punishment none could fathom.

As sunrise neared,
An array of stones lashed down,
The wrongdoers were struck with them,
The city was overturned.

They say the world’s advancing,
Alas, we’ve turned to olden ways;
Not advancing, rather waning,
We are tumbling down dark alleyways.

They say we have the right to choose,
No matter what the gender be;
To love is all that matters,
No matter if there’s no progeny.

Everywhere we go,
This ideology has reached
Children’s stories too.

From innocent looking cartoons
To kindergarten books,
Didn’t even spare the little ones
From this debauchery.

What’s virtuous? What’s immoral?
Who’s to judge? Who’s to define?
If the book of Allah is forgotten,
We begin to blur the line.

What once was thought as filthy
Has now become accepted;
If we don’t jump on the bandwagon,
They say we’re narrow-minded.

They say we must be tolerant,
We must accept what’s obscene;
Never! We do not follow our desires,
We are steadfast in the deen.

They say we have the liberty
To do what makes us happy;
We say we are but slaves to Allah,
Our bodies and our souls.

We hold on to the Straight Path,
We do not do as we please,
We do what pleases Allah,
This world is just a tease.

Written by: Hafsa Sheikh
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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