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Keys to a Blessed Land

After centuries of Roman oppression,
The air of Al-Aqsa finally hinted at end of occupation!
The smell of freedom could be felt,
The flag of Islam was soon to be held.
Allahu Akbar! The promise of Ash-Sham got fulfilled.
Under the Caliphate of Umar (RA), Masjid Al-Aqsa will now rebuild.

The bishops conditioned that before taking charge of the city,
Umar (RA) must go to Jerusalem to take over the keys.
Oh, What a remarkable sight of Umar’s entry!
The leader walking on foot in simple clothes with utmost humility!
Grieved, that on the site of the masjid now a dump of yard stands,
Caliph Umar started to clean the trash with his own hands!

It was the beginning of an era of joy and prosperity;
Muslims, Christians and Jews, could together live in harmony.
The sanctity of Al-Aqsa got restored-
Jews could also come for religious pilgrimage henceforth.
For ages barred from this sacred land’s embrace,
Under Muslim leadership, Jews could finally enter in solace!
Overtime, into political ambitions and worldly love Muslim rulers got entangled.
The unity of this Ummah was ultimately dismantled.
The crusaders got the upper hand,
Causing the massacre of thousands of innocents in this blessed land!
The sanctity of Al-Aqsa was thus violated.
A genocide of Muslims and Jews were committed!

Al-Aqsa once more came under oppressive regime,
It’s freedom again was only a dream!
Allah raised Salah Uddin; a commander bold!
Liberating Al-Aqsa, was his only goal.
After the conquest, he forgave all.
At display of such mercy, historians are enthralled!

Once again under Muslim leadership,
There was an era of stability and peace,
That continued for several centuries.
From Ayyubid to Mamluk and finally Uthmani.
Only the name of Muslim Empires changed,
But peace and sanctity of Al-Aqsa always prevailed.

Centuries later, an era of darkness began to loom.
With the birth of Zionism, it was the start of another doom!
The idea of a pure Jewish homeland came into existence.
To this, the Uthmani stood as a great resistance.
Due to treachery of some Muslims, the Uthmani got tumbled.
With the fall of last Khalifa, Muslim Ummah was totally crumbled!

The land of Al-Aqsa was again under occupation.
Under the control of British, it witnessed another oppression.
The peace and sanctity of this blessed land declined;
With the influx of Zionists into Palestine.
The real inhabitants were murdered and raided.
Finally, in year 1948, Israel bullied its way into a State!

Thousands of Palestinians were forced to flee.
The freedom of Al-Aqsa was once again a dream!
Even to this day, there is no end to this Apartheid.
Oh Ummah! Wake up and respond with all your might.
The defense of Al-Aqsa is our responsibility;
The duty of every Muslim irrespective of nationality.

Today, the fascists have chained down the glory of Ash-Sham.
Where are you? Oh, The heroes of Islam!
Today, Who is going to be ‘Salah Uddin Ayyubi’?
Taking lead for Masjid Al-Aqsa to be free!
Oh, Men of Islam! Wake up from this slumber,
Your brothers in Sham are getting martyred in numbers!

Have you sold your Imaan to these nuclear countries?
You quietly watch your brothers getting butchered in their own territories!
Cowardice has taken a toll on your Imaan.
Take this opportunity now and be the heroes of Islam!
Otherwise, Allah will remove you and raise another generation-
Who will actively work towards Al-Aqsa’s liberation.

Written by: Yusra Mohiuddin
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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