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“A Tale of Oppression”

Wandering among the olive groves,
Looking for at least one fallen olive,
But, oh! The trees have been razed to the ground,
Perhaps, the place must have been bombed!

Most of my people live in Gaza,
So many memories of fun and laughter,
But, oh! Why do I only see rubble splintered?
Perhaps, the bombs must have fallen here!

The people of Gaza are so friendly,
They always meet so cheerfully.
But, oh! Why do I see them shed tears?
Perhaps, their loved ones have been martyred!

The streets used to chirp with voices of children,
Playing their various games and tantrums;
But, oh! Instead, I see the press running,
Perhaps, there must have been a bombing!

The aunt who used to smile,
Holds her enshrouded son tight.
A few months back, the girl who got married,
Caresses her husband’s hair for he’s been martyred.

The grandfather who was seen playing,
With his two beloved grandchildren,
Is getting the ‘soul of his soul’ ready;
Cause she’s going to meet the Almighty.

Children are walking in tattered conditions.
Are they going to school for their education?
But, oh! The academic year ended too soon;
Cause no child remained to continue!

The hospital is overloaded,
Another one just got non-operational!
Neither medicines nor electricity for the patients,
Perhaps, the supplies have been cut off to kill the innocents!

A doctor is seen crying,
But what is he crying for?
His son was amputated without anaesthesia of course,
He couldn’t be saved because of pain so excruciating!

From the rubble hangs the bodies charred,
People’s refuge has become the refugee camps,
Walking on foot for miles and hours,
Becoming foreigners in their homeland!

The lullaby is now of air strikes,
The echo is that of the rifle’s firing,
Dust and smoke have become the canopy,
Bloodshed of the beloved ones is now a reality!

How many dreams are shattered and destroyed!
How many children are left orphaned and terrified!
How many shootings took away the innocent lives!
How many bodies are yet to be found and identified!

Seeing so much brutality,
What should be the status of their mentality?
All that now looms is uncertainty,
The One above being the Sole Trustee!

Oh, the blessed land of Palestine,
To stop this massacre, the Muslims couldn’t unite!
Oh, the blessed land of so many Prophets,
The world betrayed you and turned blind!

For your enemies, this is the definition of power!
But, Whenever the dhikr of Allah you utter –
HasbunAllahu wa nemal Wakeel!
We understand who is going to be Supreme!

Dearest Palestine,
The truthful Prophet said to his companions –
Faith will be in Ash-Shaam during the times of Fitan,
For the world, you surely have become an inspiration!

Oh, the People of Ash-Shaam –
You are loved in the believers’ hearts!
Oh, the Martyrs of Ash-Shaam –
You are in a much better abode than us!

One day, this blessed land will be free.
One day, Al-Muhit will seize His enemies,
And their eyes shall stare in horror,
Helpless, humbled, and dishonoured!


Written by: Dr. Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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  1. Beautifully and delicately put! Each scenario vividly painting the reality!

Jazaakumullah Khairan! Thank You! We appreciate your efforts to leave us a comment :)