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Mini Tafseer Book Series

Dear Parents,
We present to you a mini Tafseer book series for your children to learn Tafseer and to help them understand the Surahs of the Qur’an in fun and interactive ways.
The Mini Tafseer Book Series is designed to teach children (Pre-KG to 5th Grade) the Tafseer (exegesis) of all the chapters in the 30th chapter of the Qur’an, also including the opening chapter of the Qur’an, Suratul-Faatiha.

Each book in this 38 book series covers a different Surah, and features:
• Arabic text & vocabulary practice
• English translation & transliteration (to assist non-Arabic speakers)
• Asbaab An-Nuzool (reasons for revelation)
• Illustrations/coloring pages (no animals/humans)
• Sahih Ahadith with Qur’an and Hadith references

1- Suratul Faatiha

Link: Suratul Fatiha

This book will introduce your child to the greatest Surah of the Qur’an, and tell them why this Surah is repeated in every rak’ah of Salah. Amongst many other things, it will also teach them the other unique names this Surah holds.

2- Suratul-Ikhlaas

Link: Suratul Ikhlaas

In this book, your child will learn which deed is equal in reward to reading a third of the Qur’an, and how Suratul-Ikhlaas helped a Sahabah earn Jannah!

3-Surah An- Naas

Link: Surah An Naas

This Surah teaches us how to seek protection with Allah ﷻ from the evil whispers of the wicked Jinn and mankind.
• Prophet Mohammed ﷺ had been afflicted with black magic, and the search was on for a cure.
• Your child will learn who cast the spell and why, while learning how to seek Allah’s ﷻ protection from the evils of Satan and his helpers.

4- Suratul-Asr

Link: Surah Al Asr

How can we use our time wisely in this life?
Your child will learn the four keys to successful time management in this short, but life changing Surah.
Who will be the losers? And who will be the successors in Duniya and Akhira?
Read to know more about it!

5- Suratul -Feel

Link: Surah Al Feel

An angry king from a far-off land prepared his army of elephants and men to destroy the house of Allah ﷻ in Makkah.
Your child will learn the amazing story in this Surah detailing what happens to those ﷻ who are at war with Allah ﷻ.

6- Suratul-Adiyaat

Link: Surah Al Adiyaat

In this Surah, your child will learn how the munafiqoon were the real losers for being greedy and ungrateful.

7- Suratul- Boorooj

Link: Suratul Burooj

A young boy was searching for faith, so Allahﷻ gave him special knowledge to help heal those who were sick. But when the king of the land heard of the boy’s gift, the believers would face their greatest trial yet.
Your child will learn how Allah ﷻ rewards those who love Him ﷻ, as well as how He ﷻ deals with those who reject Him ﷻ.
Suratul-Boorooj is both a warning and a promise.

8- Suratul-Bayyinah

Link: Surah Bayyinah

This Surah reminds us of the greatest blessings that Allahﷻ has bestowed upon mankind, that is, the guidance from Allah ﷻ sent to every nation in the form of Prophets and Books.

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  1. Jzakum Allahu Khayr .. can i get ling of book tafseer for kids pls?

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