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The Complete Collection for Your Child’s First Library

In a very engaging and simple Islamic manner, the themes present in all the following books will support parents in nurturing Eemaan in their kids.

The bonuses are the attractive pictures and the touch-and-feel elements in some of these books that will help kids understand the Deen in a fun and enjoyable way.

The ABC of Allah Loves Me

This book has 26 chapters with beautiful illustrations that make children wonder at the Creator’s ﷻ love and mercy. Also, it is made of thick board making it durable for longer use.
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My Touch and Feel: Alif Baa Taa

This is an Islamic book designed for touch-and-feel learning which Muslim parents can use to teach their children the Arabic alphabet. Every letter has words associated with it that help kids build their vocabulary in common Islamic words.
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My Mat

It’s a mat in which letters of English and Arabic alphabets are embossed in bright colours, giving the mat a touch-and-feel element. The mat is waterproof, very durable, and the edges are rounded too, so it’s safe for kids to use.
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The Way to Jannah

This is a small carry-around board book with short Duas that are easy to learn and remember. It has a lift-the-flap feature that makes kids curious, thus, making learning interesting for them.
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Allah Knows All About Me

This book aims at teaching little kids the basics of the Islamic faith. It has soft colours and illustrations. Its thick board pages are perfect for young hands, and it is written in the form of rhymes which makes it more enjoyable for kids to read.
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The Prophet’s Pond

The book tells the story of a boy who longs to meet Prophet Muhammad . It describes the Hawd of Prophet Muhammed where the believers will meet on the Day of Judgment before entering Jannah.
It aims at strengthening the belief of the Hereafter in a young one’s mind.
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