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Save Yourself

Do you want to know
What righteousness is?
Though, many seeds you can sow,
But the one obligation of His
Which all generations owe?

On all generations,
Zakah was obligated,
As a purification
For all possessions.

O, how is man’s greed!
His Lord, he disobeys;
From his lusts, unfreed;
From his money, cannot part away.

To escape this obligation,
He buys such possessions
On which Zakah is not liable-
Relieved, freed, and appeased emotions.

He thinks he can escape
From his Lord’s commands.
O, how unfortunate
To run after his own demands!
He fears poverty
But forgets his afterlife’s security!

How will be the day
When your wealth
will change into a snake –
Bald-headed, poisonous, unimpaired;
Your neck, encircling,
Your cheeks, biting?

How loathsome!
Ghastly and gruesome!
How wretched the destruction!
No room for redemption!

Save yourself from this torment.
Otherwise, you’ll have to lament.
Pay your Zakah dutifully;
See how there will be Barakah, miraculously!

Just like a building would fall
If one buttress is pulled out;
Similarly, if Zakah is not fulfilled,
Your Deen remains unfulfilled.

Give now, cause soon, there will be a time
When no one will be without a dime.
That time, you’ll wish to give,
But everyone will be so rich.

Even if half a date you procure,
Give now, so that Jannah you may secure.

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team

© The Islamic Reflections Blog


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