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Fasting – the fourth pillar of Islam

Dear kids, this time we will learn about fasting in Ramadan-the fourth pillar of Islam.

Every child who fasted even one day of Ramadan or few hours of Ramadan has felt the happiness and joy of the Iftar, the gathering of families, prayers with friends, all the tasty food and many other things we experience just in Ramadan. Let us remind ourselves what fasting is really about and learn more things with these four videos we have chosen for you.

1-Let us learn something about fasting for beginners with ‘Islam with Alins’. It is a short description about what fasting is and what should we do while fasting. Click here to watch it.

2- Zaky and his friends are back! In this episode, they give us some tips on things to do during Ramadan that will get you extra rewards In Shaa Allah. Click here to enjoy the video.

3- Take a look at how one little boy spent his first day while fasting. This is a story written by a child about his first Ramadan fast. Maybe it will remind you of your first day fasting in Ramadan. Click here  to watch it.

4- And lastly, a lovely nasheed about fasting called ‘Fasting is Fun’ by Maryam Masud. I hope you will enjoy it. Click here to hear it.

Written by: Amina Besic

Edited by: The Editorial Team

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