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Understanding Anger

What to do when you are angry?

1.Being quiet means you are refraining from bad speech.
Just like what Rasul salallahu alayhi wassalam taught us, either SPEAK GOOD OR KEEP QUIET.
Being silent means avoiding the occurrence of many problems, especially when we are in a state of mind that doesn’t think straight so we end up with regrets later on.
An arrow thrown that doesn’t miss it’s target is impossible to take back.
Once a heart is stabbed,it forms a hole which is very hard to fill and make it appear the same way as it was before. It may seem to appear well, but in reality it is still crooked.

2.Sitting down or lying down means avoiding physically attack others. It’s hard to raise a hand when you’re lying down rather than if you were standing.

3. Making Wudhu(ablution)

4. Changing environment: Take some time off and space

May Allah help us to control our anger by following the Sunnah practice of the Rasul, Ameen.

Written by: Sr. Amatullah B.M.



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