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Positivity Is Health

As the topic goes, positivity is health- It’s surely is!
Seriously, it can make a big difference in your life.
Having a positive attitude can :

  1. Make you happy
  2. Make your relationship with humans good
  3. Put a smile on your face
  4. Help you in achieving what you want.

Etc etc… The list goes on.
It not only affects your outer appearance but also your innerself.
Makes your heart clean, pure, no grudges, no Ill feelings.
And makes your mind at peace
Why make your mind busy thinking why so and so said this to me, why did he do this to me, what could have happened…etc.
Positive attitude makes your life beautiful and worth living it.
Look at how Rasul SALLAALLAHU ALAYHI WASSALAM possessed a positive attitude.
For example, when the people of Taif were throwing stones at him, and the angel came to ask him if he wanted to destroy them, what did he say? What did sallahahu alayhi wassalam say? Did he say yes? No, he possessed a positive attitude and talked about the later offspring of the people of Taif. Probably there will come a people who will believe from these same people’s offsprings. He even prayed for them.
Allahu akbar!
You haven’t even been beaten by a stone to show that negative attitude, you were just given some hurtful words. And you ended up overreacting, your pressure level rising, getting all boiled up!
Relax and put a smile on your face.
Here comes the Question.
How do we possess this positive attitude?!
It’s not born, it’s taught. Life teaches you and you should be ready to accept it. Accept the lessons. Simple as that.
Having a negativity towards everything is a Disease.It’s really a Disease. Its not only is a disease by itself but can also cause other diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems.Because you are always taking in info told about you or your loved ones and being sensitive towards everything that is said or done to you.
So how do we rehabilitate this disease?

  1. Give excuses for things done or said to you.
  2. Ignore.
  3. Smile.
  4. Stop thinking about it.
  5. Stop creating illusions in the air of what will happen…the future is not in your hands.
  6. At the same time do something meaningful to divert your mind.
  7. Avoid such encounters

Allah gives you a test and looks at the first reaction you respond with.
It’s either you stay positive and move on, or –
Keep holding the same page in your life book and start taunting yourself as to,“why so and so told me am stupid?” For example.
You end up searching the meaning of stupid in the dictionary. Searching and searching and asking if people see you stupid. You are just looking at the one person who will give you a good compliment and your heart will be satisfied. But this compliment will come after stressful nights and depressed days. As to why so and so told you you are stupid.
Did you cure it? By getting a good compliment from others or by talking it out to people to have sympathy for you? Is this the cure really?
Or when he/she comes again tells you or does to you another evil thing.
We go back to square one: why did he do this to me…why did she tell me am ugly?
Allah Kareem!!
This seriously can cause a mental illness.
Encounters in life pushes you to the brick of falling. Stand up, ask Allah’s help, smile and move on.
Life struggles won’t end.
This Dunya is a Test.
Test are supposed to teach you a lesson and make you strong!
You may wonder as to how someone is able to stand up again after a big fall.How?
The secret lies in being POSITIVE.
Reflect on these :
1.  When you deal with a person whom you know brings sadness to your life, the fact is: It’s not what they say or do that makes you stressed.It’s your mind that gives their words and actions  IMPORTANCE
That’s why we said earlier: Ignore!

2.  You may say well…I’ll be harsh on them so that they will know I don’t want nonsense. Well…
Till when will you be cruel and harsh?
This behavior will only change your character to people. It will only make things worse than they are.

3.  Forgive them, not because they really deserve it, but because you need peace of mind.
So just forgive them and let it go so that you can be happy.
Over thinking is of no use.
The fruit of peace lies in the tree of silence.

4.  Sometimes understanding the behavior of someone is a tool to make a truce in your home. Some people, that’s who they are.It’s either you accept them that way or not.
Understanding as to why so and so behaved in such a way is what is really being positive.
Give reasons before you conclude someone did it deliberately.
Use your positive judgment for making positive choices that help you build your own character.

5.  Avoid surrounding yourself with the people who make you moody.The danger of being around them too often is that you start to become like them without even knowing it. You be kind to them but it doesn’t mean you always be around them to show your kindness. Get the point!
One way or the other, they will affect you, so avoiding such encounters is the key!

6.  Stop thinking about what others will think of you every second. You are here in this world to please your Creator and not the creation!!

Lastly, life is too short to argue and fight and stress. Count your blessings, value the people who matter in your life and move on from the drama with your head held high.
Be positive!
Be happy!

Written by: Sr. Amatullah B.M.



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