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Miss you mom

To my dear mother

You were a pillar of strength

You were a symbol of patience

The light of love and life

I wish I could still live under your shadow

Hope you were here I would tell how much you are dear, still rejoicing over the last Eid

Memories filled with joys and tears

Wishing you were here

Still searching for your smiling face, which made me forget my worries,

Still searching for your shining eyes which gave hope in every fear

Still searching for your warm embrace

But  I cannot find anyone like you my mother

You were my most valuable friend to me 

Which I have cherished forever

You were the heap of happiness which made my tears away

You will remain my role model, for all your pains and struggles

You made me what am today, standing proud and successful,

It’s all your hard work my mother, I owe everything to you

O my mom I miss you ever

The last breath, I couldn’t feel,

The last words you uttered, I couldn’t hear,

The last and final goodbye I wouldn’t reply

How I wished I was near to you mother

The last hope is that we meet in Jannah, I strive hard and pray hard

As Allah has promised all near ones will be together

Never departed forever and forever

This is my last wish to see you soon after I depart from this world.

Written by: Haleema Sadiya
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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