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📖 Books of Manners

Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatu Allah Wabarakatuh

We bring some basic manners activity book which will help muslim kids to understand and adopt good habits. The following four books are chosen for the children of age group 4- 10 years. With beautiful and colorful pictures which enables them in an easier way the concept of manners. If you find it helpful share with your family and friends and help our children be better and best muslims, Inshallah.

1.My First Wudu book  by Shade 7 Publishing (Author), Hajera Memon (Author), Rose Hill (Illustrator), Hill Designs Rose (Designer)
My First Wudu Book: Baby Bath Book 2015 by Shade 7 Publishing et al.

This book illustrates about the steps in making wudhu. We hope children find it easy to understand and help them to learn wudhu.

2.Life Style of a Muslim Child Series (6 Books)  by Dr. Muhammad Iftikhar Khokhar

This is a beautiful set of 6 books going through a day in the life of Rashid & Amina.

  • It explains in detail activities of everyday life and supplications to be recited at a particular time.
  • With beautiful illustrations and vibrant pictures make it easy to grasp the Muslim lifestyle.  The complete set includes the following books:
    • From Fajr to Morning
    • From Breakfast to School.
    • From Assembly to Classroom.
    • From School to Home.
    • From Asr to Maghrib.
    • From Maghrib to Isha.

 3.Islamic Manners Activity Book Paperback by Fatima Doyen (Author), Azhari Zulkifli (Illustrator)

 4.Etiquette of Eating and Drinking for Muslim Children (Small Booklet) by Darussalam

The present book is about the manners of eating and drinking. All the relevant Hadiths and verses have been put together pleasing for the children to do this sunnah acts in their life.

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