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A Note to Myself

Time is passing every moment. With every breath, you are moving one step closer to your grave. But little do you ponder. Maybe deep down you know you will meet the Angel of Death anytime but you behave as if you will remain on this Earth forever. You say you will change from tomorrow, let me enjoy little more today but your tomorrow will never come and you will pass. The trouble is you think you have time but you don’t.
So when will you change? And how will you change? It’s natural when you look around you see people self disciplined, making best use of their time and they are pro with time management and here you are struggling to lift yourself up. Do not lose hope , do not feel down. Ask them to motivate you, to tell you their struggles. It’s true change will not come in a day. It might take days, months and even years but what matters is that you keep trying.
But what will keep you moving? What should be the gentle reminder to you everyday ? That you have little time. With sincere intention to change, du’a and consistent struggle, you will achieve what you want bi idhnillah. Sleep early, wake up early, do some physical activity like a morning walk in your favorite nearby park or a mild warm up in your room. Eat healthy and shoot. But do not loose yourself. Sooner you will see things will change and you will be good with time management too in Sha Allah.
By: Bint_Rafiq
Team IR

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