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Hajj Rituals


  1. Ihram: Special clothes of the pilgrims. the serum is 2 pieces of unsewn material for men simple clothes for women.
  2. Umrah: It’s a small Hajj.
  3. Arafat: Wide open space where prism score on 9th of Zilhaj. They stay there till sunset worshipping Allah.
  4. Wuqoof: Staying in Arafat is known as Wuqoof.
  5. Muzdalifa: Pilgrims go to muzdalifah at sunset of 9th of Zilhaj. They stay there for the night and collect pebbles for Mina.
  6. Mina: Pilgrims go to Mina on 10th Zilhaj. Here they throw 7 pebbles at each of the three pillars, carry out sacrifice and cut off part of their hair or nails as taqseer.
  7. Tawaf-al-Wadaa: It is the Last Tawaaf which marks the end of Hajj.

By: Mateeba Quazi
Team IR

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