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Hajj: Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone on a Journey Seeking Allah’s Pleasure

Life is more about the challenges you take, how confident and satisfied you are, and how you choose to inspire others.
This journey that you set to move out of your comfort zone, leaving behind all worldly pleasures in order to fulfill and complete the  fifth pillar of Islam is a challenge to your inner self, your spiritual growth, your Imaan, your mind-set, and your desires.
It’s a decision that enables you to choose between reaping its benefits or regretting as to why you didn’t make the best of it.
Accepting the challenge is the foremost step and it can reap you the following benefits.

1.Experiencing Growth
Growth can be seen in many ways during Hajj. There’s  spiritual growth when you fully submit to the call of the Lord of the Universe by responding, ”Labayka Allahuma Labayk.” (Here I am oh Allah, here I am.)
There’s also growth in knowledge by being able to learn new things, and performing several acts that were done 1400 years ago.

2. Overpowering Your Desires
Overpowering your inner self that is yearning and thirsty for more desires. Challenging your inner self will definitely expand your abilities and potentials, and will create opportunities for you.
Having to adhere to the restrictions during Hajj in a scorching sun amidst the crowd is one way to challenge your nafs.
Learning to survive, creating opportunities for you to make new friends for Allah’s sake, interacting with different people coming from different ethnic backgrounds all contribute towards expanding your limits.

3. Knowing more about yourself
The encounters you get in Hajj help you to know more about your strengths and weaknesses which will help you to become a better person.

4. Being Satisfied with your life.
Having the privilege to fulfill an obligation is a blessing that many don’t get. The relief that one gets after completing the Hajj rituals is inexplicable. The moment the obligatory duty is lifted from your shoulders, it brings about mixed emotions.
Being more satisfied with the life you have lived so far is a big achievement and an indication of a life well lived.

5. Providing Inspiration
Being able to achieve something worthy in life makes you a source of inspiration for others and that’s the best part.
It boosts your self-confidence and makes you realise that your fears are fictional because  in your comfort zone they are very much real, but outside that zone they are just thoughts.
All the fears with regards to difficulties that people get in Hajj can all be diminished when you trust in the One above.
Learn to explore and be open-minded, do not cling onto your fears like they are facts. Instead they are just mere thoughts that can be proved wrong only if you step out of your zone in a journey seeking Allah’s  pleasure.
Make the best out of your Hajj trip by creating memories that whenever you look back, it puts a smile on your face and your heart will say with contentment, “Alhamdulillah, I did it!”

Written by: Sr. Amatullah B.M.




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