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Muhammad ﷺ – The Illuminating Lamp

Life is a maze and every human struggles to find his way through it. When the guide is corrupt, we walk into the wrong doors, drain our batteries and fall in defeat. However, when the guide is good, we find the right door and it’s a cakewalk thereafter.

Now, the question arises, ‘Who will lead us towards the light?’ We look for the answer with the Creator of the maze Himself, Allah (may glory be to Him), who says in the Quran,

‘O Prophet (Muhammad), indeed We have sent you as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner. And one who invites to Allah, by His permission, and an illuminating lamp.’ [Surah Al- Ahzab, verses 45-46]

Prophet Muhammad is the best of mankind. His virtues were such that, his enemies trusted him despite their deep-seated hatred for him. He was well- mannered, ethical, kind, generous, modest, considerate, patient, forgiving, peace-loving, compassionate, brave, wise and just. Words will never be enough to describe the exceptional man he was, and to follow a man of such noble character will be the best decision man can ever make.

Muhammad’s love for Allah was beyond comparison. That love was in him decades before Islam, and it only grew stronger after that. Living amidst the Quraysh, who indulged in a number of sinful acts like drinking, music and idol-worship, Prophet Muhammad neither liked, nor took part in any of their corrupt acts.

After he received his prophethood, he left no stone unturned in delivering the message of Islam, supporting and defending his Ummah. He sacrificed his hometown and his family along with the societal respect that came with it. He bore every hardship, humiliation and pain that was inflicted upon him at every step he took for Islam, and he overcame every obstacle head-on with patience, resilience and absolute trust in Allah.

Despite all the trials he faced at every phase of his life, his appreciation and gratefulness didn’t diminish in the slightest, even for the most trivial things. He cared for his troublemakers and he forgave his worst enemies. His companions and wives described him as a cheerful person who liked to smile.

He was fond of children; he would have fun with them, lift them up in his arms, kiss them and bless them. With his own daughters, he was an encouraging, caring and a proud father who never hesitated to shower his love on them. His wives- he always found the time to talk to them, listen to their opinions and make them feel respected and loved. He was sensitive to their feelings, played with them and made them smile. He would also help with the household chores, wash and feed the animals, and get provisions from the market.

As a leader, he was wise; and his strategies, innovative and effective. His companions’ love for him is understandable. He was soft-spoken, yet assertive. He spoke only when needed and when he spoke, it was to-the-point and reflective. Although he was in a respectable and a chief position, Muhammad led his life with modesty and humility, without a speck of arrogance in him. He would sit with the poor, visit the sick and eat with the slaves. His kindness and pleasant nature made him an approachable person. While talking to someone, he would turn his full body to face the person. Anyone spoken to, by the prophet, was given such attention that one would think he was the most important person there.
He was a man who thought beyond his time, of the people after his time. His love for his people was such that when Allah gave every prophet and messenger a Du’aa that will be answered by Him indefinitely, Muhammad reserved this supplication to ask for the forgiveness of his Ummah on the day of judgment.
Amongst many other things, Prophet Muhammad also revolutionized the way the world treated women, children, slaves, the old and the frail. He brought forth a new era of peace and justice.

On the other hand, centuries have passed and we now live in a time where hearts have hardened and morals have spiraled down, and following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is what will lead us to surmount this gray labyrinth called life.

There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.’ [Surah Al-Ahzab, verse: 21]

How will a person not be able to love, admire and look up to someone as phenomenal as Muhammad ; and why would one want to have any other as an ideal over a man as extraordinary as him?

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