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Your controversy, my Prophet ﷺ

Utter confusion.

“What do I say?”
Now becomes a constant question.
“Why?” They seem to ask
A why follows every allegation.
“Why would you follow
A man who would do such a thing?!”
Loyalty doesn’t allow any misconception.

The phrase
“Such a thing!”
Isn’t just a phrase;
But an emotion
Portrayed in varying proportion.

At times, it is with restrained rage;
At times, full of scorn.
Sometimes pity;
And yet other times, plain disgust.

But every time,
The voices carry
A stronger undertone.
The same curiosity you deny,
The same curiosity that plagues your Muslim mind.

You love him you say;
So now I ask,
Will you
Stand up to these falsities?
Defend him like you would your own families?
And, worst of all,
Will you speak for him with ignorance when you had the means?
Will you?!

It is answers they seek,
And answers you will provide.
An accuracy for each fallacy
An exculpation for each allegation
A truth for each myth.

And you will do it
With kindness,
With goodness,
With wisdom,
With the nature of the one
Whom we learn from.

Ponder how,
Marrying a girl who reached maturity,
Was very much the norm then.
Aisha was his beloved
And the union was never forced.

Liar and madman, they say
Oh the irony,
For he was named “As Sadiqul Ameen”
By his own enemies.

Twelve wives,
All to fulfill his lust, they mock.
Decide to call it a vice
When the man they scorn
Last commanded
To treat your women right.

He wasn’t the last of them, they say
A misbelief even amongst his own nation
Alas, the ways of Satan!
Believe in the texts that say
The final messenger,
The seal he was
For all to come.

The man you read about,
Whose dignity
They try to mix with dirt,
Whose honour
They try to shred with mirth,
Whose image
They try to blacken and hurt,
Doesn’t need your help.

For this is a man,
Given the stamp,
The title of “The Chosen One”
By The Most Powerful One.

But as a duty to your Prophet,
Out of love and respect for him,
Don’t ever let your head down
When the doubts hit you
And your own faith
In him crumbles too.

Read about him,
Learn his ways,
Emulate him,
And feel your heart
Tremble with conviction
The next time you say,
“I am pleased with Muhammad ﷺ
As my Prophet and Messenger.”

And now when
A “why” comes your way again,
Stand tall,
With your head high,
A smile on your face,
And say,
“Let me clear this for you.
After all,
It is your controversy
And my Prophet ﷺ!”

Written by: Noorain Assim
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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  1. WOW. Beautiful and strong.
    Allahumma salli ‘alaa Muhammad, wa ‘alaa aalihi, wa sahbihi ajma’een.
    BaarakAllahu feeki.

    1. Wa feeki Barakallah! Glad you liked it!

    2. Alhamdulillah! Jazakillahu khair ❤️

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