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Blissful union

The moon, the sun;
The sky, the earth;
The night, the day;
Everything around indicates –
From flowers to every walking creature,
Creation of partners in nature.

Allaah, the All-Encompassing,
Knew it already,
Our desire for company.
Through Adam and Eve,
The Most Loving inculcated this belief,
That marriage is a blessing indeed!

The desire to shower love,
The desire to have ties conjugal,
The desire to be someone’s unconditional love,
The desire to be someone’s most important concern;
What can fulfill these desires so innate –
Except Allaah’s legislated law of marriage.

In this world of rampant fitna,
Where committing sins is much easier,
Why fall into Shaitaan’s plot
By delaying marriage, against the Prophet’s ﷺ call?
In both the worlds live in peace and serenity,
By obeying him who was sent to the worlds as a mercy!

In this ‘show-off’ trend,
In which everyone has blend;
The unnecessary customs overshadow,
The extravagant wedding parties obscure,
The way the Prophets married,
In a way in which simplicity was buried.

The Prophet ﷺ encouraged to marry,
Someone for whom his Deen is primary.
Money and beauty will fade eventually;
Unsatisfactory ancestry can also produce righteous progeny;
In this way Islam honoured every individual’s identity –
Promoting inter marriages, eliminating racism completely.

How beautiful marriage is-
For it strengthens the ties of kinship;
For it forms new bonds –
That are compassionate and strong;
For Allaah’s servants are blessed with,
Children who are righteous and upright.

Considered marriage a weakness,
From pursuing dreams, a hindrance;
This is what society painted,
An image awful and tainted!
Contrarily, it saved from sins;
To achieve dreams, it gave new wings!

As you traverse this path of union,
There will be some days of disillusion.
Understand each others differences,
Reconcile; enjoy each others goodness.
For you both are each others requirement,
As this relationship is ‘closer than a garment’!

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! ❤️ It sums up marriage in such a beautiful way❤️ Baarak Allahu feeki 💕

    1. Alhamdulillah! Glad you liked it!

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