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Know the Difference

Nobody ever purposely builds their own destruction, nobody plans and executes the plan to destroy their lives, nobody sits around dreaming to be an alcoholic, or a drug addict, or a burglar or a smuggler, and nobody gets married with the aim of divorce, right?
At the end of the day, everyone wants to be happy and pleased with their lives, but does everyone attain this pleasure? Well, the answer to it is a big ‘NO’ and that’s certainly because everything in life is a reflection of the choices we make. The outcome completely depends upon the choices of today. We have the power, right and freedom to choose. So, what we choose is what matters.
A number of people stick with the aspect ‘live in the moment’. It’s quite good to live in the moment, to find happiness in every good and bad situation, but we must always think about tomorrow as well, not just today.
As a youth, we must definitely have a long-term perspective. Who do you want to become and where do you want to end up? Where will your actions and choices lead you to? Lack of seriousness towards one’s career, or lack of sincerity in making mature choices is what leads one to their own destruction.
So basically, it’s all about our choices, so choose wisely what you want and what would be beneficial to you and not only that which gives you temporary pleasure.
You need to finely know the difference between the acts that you do as an enjoyment of your youth, and acts that may destroy your future. For instance-marital relationships, smoking, consumption of alcohol, usage of drugs, watching of porn and many other such acts have the ability to please you during this short-term but will inevitably destroy you in the long run.
May Allah guide us all to the straight path. Ameen.
Written by: Saima Kazi
Edited by: The Editorial Team
Team IR

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