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Sujood: A Different Love Story

While there’s
A love story
In each venue,
In each moment,
In each position,
That gives you
Your breath in this busy world;
That gives you
A sense of direction,
A reason to smile,
A hope beyond that which anyone can offer.

Her favourite love story
Was always the Sujood,
Where she and her Maker
Were the only ones.

With her forehead on the ground
Palms on either side of her face,
She was a slave humbled,
In the lowest position
Ever known to mankind.

“Why is it so special?”
They ask.
But what could she say
When it was about the Sujood?

Was it the fact
That she was closest to her Lord in this position,
That her head touched the ground in submission,
That she could share her most deepest, darkest secrets
To the One who already knows,
Without hesitation;

Or whether it was the position itself,
That of a slave prostrating to her Master,
One with all control over her,
One who has her heart between His fingers,
The One in Whose Hands her destiny lay?

Or maybe it was both,
That pushed hot tears down her face,
That made her heart race,
That left her in a daze.

The exhilarating feeling
That left her reeling
With just one Sujood,
The feeling of being free,
Of having her Lord on her side,
Of conquering this world and the Akhirah,
Of winning it all –

That is what she craves for,
And it is what she receives
In full.
From her Master, the Ultimate King.

And that’s her version
Of the best love story,
Because what better love
Than the one shown by the Most Merciful
To her, who is just a slave.
Just one slave –
Among millions more worthy than her.

Written by: Noorain Assim
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

4 thoughts on “Sujood: A Different Love Story

  1. The best of what you have wrote so far. Ma shaa Allah TabarakAllah 😍😍😍 Just mesmerizing and makes us dive deep in the love of Sujood. SubhanAllah. MAY Allah grant us such essence yo experience in every sujood we do! Ameen

    1. Jazakillahu khair teammate!!! Aameen!

  2. SubhaanAllah…keep penning more.

    1. Jazakillahu khair!! Means a lot!

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