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The Brink

The Earth is a place for all living beings,
Created by the Ahsanul Khaliqeen;
A balanced ecosystem to coexist in harmony,
In waters, deserts, and lush greens.

The noblest of all creatures – mankind,
With a whole bunch of messed-up priorities;
Hoarding all the wealth he can find,
Devours the Earth with greed and treachery.

Invading forests like a foreign country,
Wrecking homes of a million species;
Shooting up skyscrapers for ‘a majestic view’,
Destroying habitation by chopping down trees.

Toxins and hazardous chemicals used,
To satiate the hunger of superfluous luxuries;
He forms and then discards the debris,
Soiling the blue shades of the water bodies.

Animals hunted down for skin and bones,
Turned into rugs, leather and decors;
To adorn his homes and appearance,
At their extinction’s expense!

Ya BaniAdam! Eat and drink,
But waste not by excess;”
The Almighty commands mankind,
A limit on expenditure He sets.

Man, once again, defies the Lord,
With a whole bunch of messed-up priorities;
Puts himself selfishly above all,
Remember – ‘the best of species’!

Indifferent to the risk of marine souls,
Not relinquishing Gucci, Louis Vuitton;
Exhaling toxins and butchering trees,
Why then, in sickness, does he mourn?

Ya Bani Adam! Plant a tree,
Sow a seed and you shall reap,
Fruits of reward for an ongoing charity,
On account of each one that shall eat.

Ya Bani Adam! Pay heed,
For a better future, give up your greed;
Recipients to the damage will be none,
But offspring that you breed!

Written by: Saadia
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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