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Make profit out of five things before…

“I longed for marriage”
.. and I got married
But life without children is deserting.

Thus “I longed to be blessed with children”
… and I got children
But within no time my small apartment made me uncomfortable.

I therefore longed for a bigger house with garden..
Well, I got it, though with much efforts
Yes, I possessed a mansion, but my children were grown up by then.

Hence, I longed for them to get married…
They are now married, yet official responsibilities gave me fatigue.

Now I resorted to retirement, to get some rest…
..I’ve retired, but become single, just as I was after graduation.
..After graduation I noticed, I approached life, but now,
I bid life farewell.

Still, I do have ambitions…
..I longed for Quranic memorization..
..but my memory betrayed me..

..I longed to frequent fasting…
…yet my health condition would not allow..

..I longed for night devotion “Qiyamul layl”…
..but my feet can no longer carry me …

VERILY The Prophet (ﷺ)
Made it categorical that
“Make profit out of five things before those five things over take you:

Youthfulness  before the old age
Health  before illness
Affluence  before austerity
Free time  before busy moment
Life  before your death”

NB: If your daily routine is empty of the following activities, be quick and insert them NOW…or NEVER :
2 Raka’at of salah tul Dhuha
Daily Quranic recitation routine
Qiyamul layl
Alms giving /supporting the needy
Spreading good word/nasiha/salam

May Allah guide us all

Written by: Sr. Amatullah B.M.



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