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Mum: My first love

Your face, the first I saw,
Your lips, the first I felt,
Your finger, the first I held,
“Mama” the first word I said.

Days of coming home from school,
Saying “salam” and “where are you mama” together,
Skipping to the part of the house you are in
Only to look at the twinkle in your eye
For the next hour as I recount
The events of an entire day with you.

Months of craving your food,
Living in dorm rooms,
Missing your good nights and hugs,
Longing for your smile
Aching for the voice
That would, any day,
Brighten up my world.

You preparing me to leave
To start my new life,
Your wise words
Will always remain with me.
And as we rush
Through shopping and packing
I look at you and wonder,
“Will I ever get a best friend like you?”
“Will I ever be you to someone?”

And now mum,
Now, years have gone by,
Years of your sweat and tears,
Years of sleepless nights and restless days,
Spent raising me
Spent praying for me
Spent begging the One above to guide me.

And I cannot spend days thanking Him enough,
For giving me the light that was you.
And for the dua that justifies every little sacrifice made by you,
“My Lord! Have mercy on my parents
As they did bring me up when I was young.”

And mum,
For the inevitable day
When we will be separated,
I pray I’ll be able to say
“Mum! We made it!”
As we walk into Jannah 
Hand in hand
Forever me by your side
And you by mine.

Written by: Noorain Assim
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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