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🎬 Arabic Letters- Part 2

Assalamu Alaikum,
Today we are going to see part 2 of step 1, to learn Arabic letters. In the previous post, we learnt Arabic letters in a fun and entertaining manner. However, it is always best to learn from a qualified teacher in your society. Keeping in mind, people from all walks of life, not everyone has access to a qualified teacher and not all can afford to pay them what they deserve.

These videos I am going to share with you are from a qualified teacher of Qaida Noorania who teaches Arabic letters step by step and explains the tajweed and makharij(emission point) of each letter. I also recommend the parents to learn along with this video,so that they can help their children improve their tajweed.

Part 1:
Letters ا-خ

Part 2 :
Letters د-ض

Part 3:
Letters ط-ك

Part 4:
Letters ل-ي

May Allah bless us with beneficial knowledge…

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