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My Mother – أمي


أنا عنواني أشعاري و إسمي فيه معانيها

و أنا أمي و ولدت و عشت أنا فيها
هي بيتي الأول و مدرسة إخلاقي

لأمي قصيدتي و حروفي تستحقها شعوري
كم تؤرقني غيابها و أحاسيسي لها

في خيالي، ينير الشعاع و يتجلى نوري
تسأل النجوم مني عن بدرها

كم الأمطار الغزيرة ببستاني
مستحيل أحسب سقوطها

يصم البحر و صدى موجاته أسراري
يا قلب أمي الأعماقة مثلها

ينظرني الدنيا بأعيون الشرور و حاسدي
فهذه نظرة أمي بحنونها

يا روعة بساتيني و زهوري
المناظر السوداء بدونها

و أنا كنت طفلةً فحضنها دفئ حضوري
سهرت لي لياليها تدعو و تنادي ربها

تقدمني بنصائح عالية و شخصيتها عادلة
أنا ابنتها افتخرها و أتمنى أن أشبهها

وجودها السبب نبضاتي حية فيني
لن أتخيل أعيش أنا بدونها

حب الأم ما عنده حساب و لا يوم
هي ملاكي حبي و عمري كلها

أرجو و أدعو إلى الله تعالى
يطول بعمرها و يعافي صحتها

لأنا أداء لها عمل الصدق
و أبني المنزل في الجنة لها

إن شاء الله

My Mother
My topics my poetries and my name has its meanings
And my mother and I borned and I lived in her
She is my first house and school of my character
For my mother my poem my letters are well worth for her my feelings
How much her absence weakens me and my feelings for her
In my imagination, illuminates the beams and reflects my light
The stars ask me about the full moon
Too much of rain in my garden
Impossible to count the fallen drops
The quiet sea and the echo of the waves my secrets
O heart of my mother deep like the sea
The world sees me with the evil eyes and jealousy
And this is the sight of my mother who sees me with love
My awesome gardens and my flowers
The view is all black without her
And I was a baby her warm hug was present for me
She stayed awake all her nights prayed and called to her Lord
She gave me precious advices and her personality has justice
I am her daughter her proud and I hope to become like her
Her presence is the reason I am alive
I can never imagine to live without her
The love of Mother has neither account nor a day
She is my angel my love and my entire life
I ask and pray to Allah the most Gracious
To increase in her lifetime and grant her good health
Because for her I need to do the right deeds
And build for her a house in Jannah.
In Sha Allah…
Writer: Ariba Khurshid 
Team IR

0 thoughts on “My Mother – أمي

  1. Subhanallah! Beautiful one. I love it.

  2. ❤💜💜😍 جميلة جدا جدا جدا يا روووووبببتتتييي

  3. Ariba, Appreciate your wonderful thoughts drawan in the poem that shows importance of a mother’s love, which you described well.
    I start with the last phrase of your poem
    “””Because for her I need to do the right deeds
    And build for her a house in Jannah.””” GREAT
    Certainly a mother’s love is the closest to Allah’s love for us.
    A mother’s love is critical in a child growing up (like you are in growing age) leading a path to understanding Allah’s love & is paramount in teaching children that real love has boundaries and teaches them respect for themselves and each other.
    A mother’s love is one of the strongest relationships for our children and gives them a sense of belonging and knowing that if the world kicks them down a mother is always there to listen.
    She never gives up on her child and always wants the best to have a life perhaps deep joy & happiness, healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually and never stops praying for them.
    Mother’s love is needed always
    for us, we all fail in many ways as we are human but a mother’s love never dies for her children, just as Allah’s love never dies for us.
    Excellent Ariba, Keep up the great thoughts in your tiny poems to come. Dad

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