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🎬 Learn Arabic Step 2

Assalamu Alaikum

Today I am back with learn to read Arabic series step 2. In this post, we are going to learn the short vowels in the Arabic language. There are 3 short vowels in Arabic, called fatha, domma and kasra. They are written above or below the consonants they follow. Arabic is mostly written using only consonants, i.e. the short vowels are not added. So, when a text doesn’t have short vowels, how will the reader know how to read it?

Arabic grammar is tightly structured, and words are built according to set formulas. This enables the reader to know where the short vowels should be, and with some practice it becomes second nature. The below video helps one to teach the these vowels sounds with a song.

(male version)
(female version)

Actually both are same songs , so whichever versions your kids enjoy, play and study in a fun way. The following videos can help us to learn the short vowels, in slow and steady pace.

Read Arabic Alphabet for kids (أَ, أُ, إِ)

Arabic short vowels

One could never imagine to teach short vowels using story, this is an excellent method to teach children as its engaging and exciting to hear a story and learn the vowels all at the same time.

Picnic story of Alphabets

May Allah bless us with beneficial knowledge…
Please do stay tuned for part 3

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