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Games:Your Kid's E-friends

As-salamu alaykum dear parents,
We, as parents, are aware that sometimes we don’t have the time to sit with our children and play with them. In those times the iPads and tablets become their parents, whilst games become their “friends”.
As parents, there is one thing we can do; we can choose the “friends” they spend time with. We can make sure they are good and beneficial “friends”!
Here are some recommended games: (click on the title to download the applications)

  1. 10 Surah for Kids Word by Word, by Quran Reading.

Let your child start his/her playtime with this application for at least 5-10 minutes before continuing with their other games. This ensures a rewarding and entertaining start to playtime!

 A- Choose the Surah you want and the way you want the Surah to be.

B- Choose the recitation, translation, transcription and collect rewards.

  1. Arabic ABC World-Muslim Kids, by Quran Reading.

This game allows kids to learn the English and Arabic alphabet in an interactive way. This allows them to understand that learning Arabic is just as important as learning English!

A-Play match the letters (Arabic and English)

B-Write the letters (Arabic and English)

C-Memorize new words (Arabic and English)

  1. Islamic stories for Muslims, by

This application is a collection of 30 beautiful stories which contain very strong messages and morals for kids to learn.

  1. Islamic Memory Game for All, by Quran Reading

This is a memory game for kids which includes colorful pictures of Islamic related objects. The memory game allows you to choose one of 3 modes to play; match mode, drag mode and seek mode. Each category has 8 levels starting from the more easier levels and moving onto more difficult levels.
These games allow for an educational and fun time for kids. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Written by: Amina Besic
Edited by: The Editorial Team
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