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It's Sunnah

Aishah narrated: “I used to play with dolls in the presence of the Prophet of Allah , and my girlfriends also used to play with me. When the Messenger of Allah , entered (my room) they would hide themselves, but the Messenger of Allah , would call them to join and play with me.”
Reported by Al-Bukhaari (6130) and Muslim (2440).
An-Nawawi said: “This is a sign of his kindness and good treatment to his wife.”
The explanation of An-Nawawi on the book of Muslim (205/10).
Aishah narrated: “When the Messenger of Allah arrived after the expedition to Tabook or Khyber (the narrator is doubtful), the wind raised an end of a curtain which was hung in front of her storeroom, revealing some dolls which belonged to her.
He asked: “What is this?”She replied: ‘My dolls.’ Among them he, saw a horse with wings made of rags, and asked: “What is this I see among them?” She replied: ‘A horse.’ He , asked: “What is this that it has on it?” She replied: ‘Two wings.’ He , asked: “A horse with two wings?” She replied: ‘Have you not heard that Solomon had horses with wings?’ Thereupon the Messenger of Allah ,laughed so heartily that I could see his molar teeth.”
 Reported by Abu Daawood (4932).
Playing and joking between the spouses fills their hearts with delight, synchronization,and love. This fortifies the marital bond and expandsempathyand love between them.
Al-Qassimi said: “Joking and being playful is something which
delights women’s hearts.”
Maw’ithat Al-Mu’mineen (page 168).
Ad-Daynoorisaid: “Despite how firm he was, ‘Umar used to
say, “A man should act (as playful) as a child with his wife, but act like a real
man, when the need arises (outside his house).”
 Al-MujaalasahWaJAwaahir Al-’Ilm (430/3).
Zad Publishing, 2014, King Fahd National Library Cataloguing-in- Publication DataAlmunajid, Muhammad Bin Salih How He treated them? /Muhammad Bin SalihAlmunajid- Riyadh, 2014
Written  by:  Mateeba Quazi
Edited by: The Editorial Team
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