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Seeking good

  On the terrace, basking in the sun
One morning of a chilly December
I sit, lost in my thoughts about
The Lord, life, and all I remember

A quarter of a century has passed
Since I came into this world
With lots of failures and lots of success,
A million experiences I have unfurled

Yes, 25! I have entered the ‘rishta-zone’
Ah! Here comes an aunty who knows a few men
‘He earns a lot I must say!’
‘An only son! You will surely rule his den.’

‘Maybe you should go for this lad,
His ancestors left him acres of land
A good natured guy, I must say
Works in an MNC, gets lakhs in hand!’

Ya Rabb, this monotonous blabbering!
Sickens my mind, disgust fills my heart
Where are those who would suggest me
A man of deen and good akhlaq?

Does he pray and keep the sunnah beard?
Does he respect his parents and elders?
Is he kind towards the children?
Does he forgive and apologise when he errs?

Tell me about a man who loves Allah
And strives to follow the sunnah of Rasulallahﷺ
For his money and wealth might be a necessity
But his deen would keep me more happy!  

Tell me about a man who has Taqwa
Regarding my rights, only then, would he fear Allah
A man who chooses akhirah over dunya
Only then, would he agree to have a simple nikaah.  

Tch, tch, child, you should bring the meter down,
Your expectations, impossible for such a man to be found!’

I am amazed- Is Islam dead,
From the hearts of all the men around?

Laa wallah! When the heart is pure
And to please the Lord is its only desire
He sends the blessings and rewards
At right times, in the most perfect attire. 

Dearest singles, it’s hard to endure
The taunts, the talks, the never ending wait
But what’s the loss when thy Lord is pleased
Remember, for the sabireen the reward is great

So ask with sabr and salaah, without complaints,
And bear a little more, just a little more remains!

Written by: Saadia
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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