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Just Hold On!

Do you know your Lord is Al-Aleem? He knows what’s in your heart, and He is also the controller of everything. He knows you are tired, but trust Him, your day will come too. You say it’s gloomy, but oh dear, it’s just a gloomy day and not a gloomy life. Hold on to your du’a and keep striving. Indeed, this world is just a test, and nothing more, for a believer.
What if this storm is a mountain of blessings? It doesn’t really look so, but remember, He is the controller of everything! He can never burden you with something which will be too heavy for you. Ponder. What does this test want to teach you? Maybe, it is here to make you rough and tough. Maybe, it is here to make you strong and prepare you for bigger blessings. Indeed, every trial has blessings. All you need is to hold on!
Written By: Bint Rafiq
Edited By: The Editorial Team
Team IR

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