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Wife upon sunnah

Pondering over the creation,
Finding pairs in variations;
To fulfil the desires of life,
Allaah created husband and wife.

Marriage can be a blissful union –
One primary ingredient being proper communication.
As the life of our Prophet ﷺ beautifully illustrated,
How long his love for Khadijah truly lasted!

Ran down from Jabl-al-Noor,
Into his wife’s arms to find his sole refuge;
She was the first to believe in his words;
Stories of her love can still be heard.

Somehow the issue of in-laws arises.
“Want someone’s help and advices!”
But dear! Marriage has its own compromises;
Husband’s pleasure is what it mainly comprises.

To please your husband and as an act of kindness,
Take good care of your in-laws.
Be patient and face life with steadfastness,
Await His reward and removal of your flaws.

“How to deal with my husband’s brothers;
They move in the house hither and thither?”
Like any other non-mahram treat them,
Maintain your hijab while fearing the One Who created them.

A’isha (RadiAllaahu’anha) was a great scholar
Despite being the wife of Allaah’s beloved caller!
Similarly, a wife can acquire proper education,
For, indeed, seeking knowledge is an obligation!
As technology has advanced so much,
Access infinite knowledge with one touch!

If you wish to go out and study,
For your home you should have a good modus operandi.
For indeed, the house for the married is a priority,
Entrusted by Allaah; a great responsibility!

Allaah has enjoined on His servants
To take care of their parents.
Even a married lady
Should take care of her parents dearly.
Pay them visits, buy them gifts;
Along with your husband, be the reason for their bliss!

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
©The Islamic Reflections Blog

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