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Entertaining Videos with Moral Lessons!

We are back with another awesome find, and we can’t wait to share with our lovely young Muslims! These playful, colorful, and lighthearted videos will not only be a favorite of the younger ones, but also the older generation. Yes, they are that good! I came across these when I was hunting for interactive and creative Islamic videos to put on my kid’s playlist. He only watched them once and he was hooked. After a few views, he started singing along to them; educating me and anyone else, on what he had learned and pointing out his favorite parts in the clips. This of course consisted of the lead adult doing something silly, which he found extremely funny. After seeing his reaction, I just had to share these creative and unique videos. The first of the videos’ is called, “Allah Made Everything”.

picIn this video, they teach kids about Allah (ﷻ), and how He created everything. They put a unique twist to the teaching method, which in my opinion catches and holds the viewer’s attention; especially the little ones’. They also learn that every living thing depends on Allah (ﷻ). This portrays the message of placing the trust in the All-Mighty and knowing we must rely on HIM alone.
Humans fail to realize that try as they may, they can never be in control of every aspect in life. So, we need to put our complete trust in Allah (ﷻ) and know that everything is in His great hands.
In this second video, “Cotton Candy Sky”.
pic 1
This video teaches our children, how as human beings we will many a times feel lost, scared, or helpless, and it is in times like these, that we need to remind ourselves that Allah (ﷻ) is in control of everything. We may be lost, or scared, but if we put our complete trust in Allah (ﷻ), we will be fine in the end. Because Allah’s (ﷻ) plans are always the best and everything always works out perfectly. It also helps teach kids to look at things from a brighter view point, if all they see around them is dark and scary.

I really hope your kids will love these videos as much as we did. My kid is anxiously waiting for video number 3. It’s nice to know there are people out there who are trying to make Halal content that caters to our kids. Videos that are interactive, unique, friendly, but also make them giggle and tickle with laughter. May Allah (ﷻ) reward our brothers, Zain Bhikha and Omar Regan, and of course their entire team for bringing smiles to our children’s faces. (Aameen)

Please do let me know if you and your little ones have seen these videos. I would love to hear from you!
Once again, Jazakumallahukhair for your time.
May Allah ﷻ put the love for our Deen in the hearts of all the kids in the Ummah. (Aameen)

Written by- UmmRaihan
Edited by: The Editorial Team
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Allah Made Everything – Zain Bhikha

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